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2019 Hermes AGM & Leaders Forum

2019 Hermes AGM & Leaders Forum 2020-04-27T00:31:41+03:00

Education and Performance in Aviation

Aviation is characterized by a complex supply chain.  In the future, further pressure will be exerted on the system as a result of growing traffic and changing competitive dynamics; therefore, radical measures should be introduced to ensure long term sustainability of operations.  In this context, education and training in the sector (both of technical and managerial nature) should not be seen as a cost but as the roadmap to competitiveness and success in the marketplace.

Putting people first is of essence in an increasingly automated sector and appropriate policies should be designed to address the various knowledge and skills gaps.  Moreover, it is important to reach the appropriate scale of sector-educated and trained people to realize and sustain benefits for all involved stakeholders.  In fact, education offers a first class opportunity for aviation supply chain participants to focus on their synergies rather than their conflicts and build the necessary people-oriented transformational strategies for a brighter future.