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2020 Hermes AGM & Leaders Forum

2020 Hermes AGM & Leaders Forum 2023-05-08T23:50:11+03:00

Air Transport Re-imagined and Re-invented

As a result of the COVID-19 crisis, the entire air transport business ecosystem is currently facing great challenges.

The implications of this black-swan situation may prove tectonic at both strategic and operational levels as existing business models may have to be re-engineered to allow for leanness, resilience and complex risk management while the various standard procedures may have to be updated to cater for an increased need to comply with stricter hygiene conditions.

The immediate and very-short run effects of this crisis are likely to be destructive; nonetheless, the medium and longer-term prospects may prove brighter if we can seize the opportunity of “silent skies” to reimagine and reinvent the future of air transport.

Just as the 1944 Chicago Conference took place before the end of the Second World War, this year’s Hermes Leaders Forum is dedicated to a discussion on what the future of air transport should be when the current war with our common invisible enemy is over.