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Resilience and efficiency through Leadership and Cooperation

Many stakeholders have interests in the aviation industry, including airlines, airports, service operators, air traffic managers, shippers, passengers, and regulators. Effective leadership and cooperation among these stakeholders is essential to rebuild the industry from the COVID-19 pandemic. As a forum of industry thought leaders, Hermes has taken the lead in facilitating discussion on industry collaboration and leadership. Based on briefs received from 15 industry associations, we find strong agreement that leadership can be achieved under ICAO, and collaboration can take place at the regional and international levels. Moreover, the dissemination of evidence-based research can be important in reducing threats to the industry from unilateral state actions. Finally, the pandemic represents an excellent opportunity to build back better, increasing safety, security, and efficiency, while reducing the environmental footprint of the industry.   


2021 ACI WAGA, Hermes Reception – 22 November, Cancun, Mexico

November 22nd, 2021|





1910 June 25: Aero Joint Stock Company is formed
1919 June 25: Junkers F 13, the world's first all-metal transport aircraft and the world's first self-supporting cabin low-wing transport, first flight
1919 June 25: Gordon Selfridge, founder of the Selfridge's department store, becomes the first businessman to charter an aeroplane exclusively for business use
1936 June 25: American is the first airline to fly the Douglas DC-3 in commercial service
1961 June 25: FAA commissions the first Doppler VOR system for service at Marquette, Mich. 
1968 June 25: Finnair becomes the company's official name
1988 June 25: China Eastern Airlines is founded
2008 June 25: Single European Skies Second Package (SES II) is adopted