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Recruiting and Retaining Talent: The Key to Success in the Aviation Industry

A recent report by Oxford Analytics states that 2.3 million jobs have been lost across airlines, airports, and civil aviation groups since the outbreak of the covid-19 pandemic.  Moreover, global passenger volumes are set to double by 2039 from their pre- pandemic levels. Thus, it is evident that the aviation industry needs to retain its existing workers and to extensively hire and train new workers to meet labor needs.

The Hermes Air Transport Organization asked industry and government associations to provide recommendations for recruiting and retaining employees. Recommendations include, diversifying the pool of employment applicants, standardizing employment positions, and working with governments, educational institutions and other interested parties to provide both the educational and the financial means to train new employees. The recommendations contained in the Hermes report can provide the aviation industry with ideas for meeting current and future labor requirements.


International Aviation Summit, 8 December 2023 – IAF Declaration

December 8th, 2023|





1931 February 21: In Peru, a pilot of Faucett Aviation transport is forced to deviate from his planned flight path under threat from a passenger with a weapon. This is the first recorded hijacking
1960 February 21: Finnair takes delivery of its first Caravelle A and becomes the first airline in the world to operate a jet passenger aircraft with a flight deck crew of two, instead of the normal three
1969 February 21: To keep pace with the growth of the U.S. civil aviation fleet, FAA expands the aircraft identification numbers available