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Brands with History Award

Inspired by the long history of EKALI SA since 1924 and The Ecali Club since 1971 in the fields of hospitality, culture, sports and long-term social and professional relationships, decided to highlight the values of the creation and the development of Ecali Club Brand, which consist at the same time the compass for Ecali Club future.

Ecali Club goal is to honour timeless and prominent companies with their own unique story.

The companies that have a long-standing market leadership are those that are built on a stable basis, implement strategic goals while respecting their history and serving the values of their founders.

Ecali Club honoured prominent Brands and their representatives to the “Brands With History” Volume 2 ceremony, on Tuesday, September 17th 2019.

Hermes – Air Transport Organisation was among the companies that received an award.

Jeff Poole, President of Hermes accepted the award on behalf of the organisation. 

In his address Mr Poole said: “I am delighted that this Award recognises Hermes as an established and notable brand in aviation history. Hermes is a relatively young association but already has official Observer status at the International Civil Aviation Organisation and formal partnership arrangements with key air transport associations and bodies.

Hermes is a unique association in aviation because its Members are notable individual leaders rather than companies and organisations. As aviation will be at the forefront of technological change through digitalisation and artificial intelligence (AI), the human aspects become even more significant and challenging. Through addressing these challenges proactively, Hermes will continue to grow its relevance, leadership and contribution to the air transport sector and hence the Hermes brand will also continue to grow from strength to strength.”

Brands with History Vol II

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