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Hermes Report Committee met in Ekali to prepare the report for the 2019 recommendations

The committee led by Professor  Martin Dresner, President, ATRS,  met in Ekali on the eve of the Hermes AGM & Leaders Forum in order to prepare the 2019 report on the topic of Education and Performance in Aviation. The members of the committee were:

Professor Martin Dresner, President, ATRS – Chair

Robert Deillon, Vice President, Hermes – Air Transport Organisation

Professor Triant Flouris, Provost, Hellenic American University

Professor Andreas Papatheodorou, Journal of Air Transport Studies


This year Hermes received seven position papers from the following organisations:









The highlights of the report are:


  • Air traffic is expected to double over the next twenty years. Hiring and retaining aviation personnel is therefore essential.
  • Education and training in aviation should be considered as an investment based on three major factors, namely cost, return and risk.
  • Major industry challenges include:  meeting the needs of a growing industry, competing for and retaining personnel, filling the gender gap and addressing training in automation and artificial intelligence.
  • It is important for the industry to conduct studies in order to gain comprehensive situational awareness of its status and future needs.
  • Effective industry-education partnerships must be developed to provide a framework for addressing future educational and training priorities.
  • Best practices should be adopted from other industry settings for the aviation industry to successfully compete for personnel.
  • Training and education programs should be developed so that current aviation employees can be usefully re-deployed or re-trained.
  • Education and training in aviation must address diversity imbalances in order for the industry to attract and retain the required personnel.
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