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Hermes Director General participated in the 2019 CANSO CEO Strategy Summit

Hermes Director General, Dr Kostas Iatrou, participated in the 2019 CANSO CEO Strategy Summit in Madrid on Monday 11 March.

Jeff Poole, Director General of CANSO said: “As Hermes grows, it is vital to have a visible presence at major aviation events. I was delighted therefore to welcome Kostas Iatrou to the CANSO CEO Strategy Summit and World ATM Congress in Madrid and to have a Hermes member, Henrik Hololei, as keynote speaker at World ATM Congress.”

“CANSO plays a critical role in the air transport chain. Hermes aims  at collaborating with the key stakeholders and our presence here affirms our commitment”, said Dr Iatrou.

from left: Jeff Poole, Director General of CANSO, Carolina Ramirez, Hermes member & Dr Kostas Iatrou, Director General of Hermes

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