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The Director General of Hermes participated in the Olympic torch relay

On the occasion of the Summer Olympic Games, that will be held in Paris from 26 July until 11 August, Dr Kostas Iatrou,  Director General of Hermes – Air Transport Organisation, participated in Greek section of the Olympic torch relay The Olympic flame was lighted on Tuesday 16 April in Ancient Olympia.

Dr Iatrou said: “Thrilled to run as a torchbearer today for Paris Olympics. This is a unique experience especially for me as it was my uncle, Ilias Lalaounis, who designed the torch that lights the flame in Ancient Olympia. I would like to thank the Hellenic Olympic Committee for this honor.“


The Lighting of the Olympic flame traditionally takes place in Ancient Olympia and is carried out by the Hellenic Olympic Committee. Its history begins in 1936, on the occasion of the Olympic Games in Berlin. With the help of a concave mirror and as the ritual defines, the Lighting is performed by the High Priestess in the Temple of Hera (Heraion), in the archaeological site of Olympia. There, the priestess asks the help of the sun god Apollo to light the torch as she makes the invocation.

Who is the creator of this torch?

Ilias Lalaounis created it for Juan Antonio Samaranch on the occasion of the Olympic Games in Barcelona, inspired by the ribs of the columns seen in the temples of antiquity. The torch was given to Juan Antonio Samaranch in 1992 in a ceremony held on Filopappos Hill.

The torch is inspired by the column stripes found in temples of the ancient classical period.

Date Created: 1992

Material: Silver

– Ilias Lalaounis, Designer

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