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The President of Hermes receives the inaugural “You’re and AΘenian, too!” Award

The President of Hermes, Angela Gittens received in Athens on Wednesday 22 February from the Director of Communications & Marketing, Athens International Airport the inaugural “You’re and AΘenian, too!” Award.

Accepting the award Mrs Gittens said: “It was a privilege and a pleasure to return to the Athens International Airport family which has always shown itself to be innovative, resilient and customer-centric. They are proud to be Athenian and now I am as well! I learned much at the conference which was well produced as it always has been.”

Riccardo Lambiris, Chairman of Athens International Airport said: “The “You’re and AΘenian, too!” Award is just a small token to Angela’s relentless contribution to the wider aviation industry – during her acceptance speech, her passion to inspire the younger generation to join our wonderful sector did not go unnoticed – she is an inspiration to us all.”

“Deeply privileged to have welcomed Mrs. Angela Gittens to our 2.2 Airline Marketing Workshop. Mrs. Gittens was presented the 1st “ You’re an Aθenian, too!” award to honor her invaluable support and contribution to the enhancement of our destination’s development and growth” added Mr Papadopoulou.


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