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The Director General of Hermes moderates a panel in Davos

Dr Kostas Iatrou, Director General of Hermes, moderated a panel at the Greek House Davos on the theme: “The future of Aviation, innovative strategies in the post-covid era”

Recognizing the critical role air transport plays as a catalyst for sustainable development worldwide, governments attended the 41st ICAO Assembly in October 2022 have taken new steps to recognize and strengthen the role of air connectivity in their strategic planning and policies, and to emphasize the role it plays in achieving global sustainable development.

In further decisions relating to the sustainable development of air transport, ICAO Assembly reaffirmed its commitment to the achievement of the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, and supported continued efforts for advocating around aviation as a strong contributor to the Sustainable Development Goals.

On the topic of innovation, which will be fundamental to achieving many current air transport objectives, ICAO Assembly recognized the relevance of ICAO’s continued work in this area.  The Assembly underscored the need to define new cooperation mechanisms to realize greater efficiencies in ICAO’s standards development process, to support early implementation and innovation. It also highlighted the role of ICAO in supporting Member States’ efforts to streamline certification and audit processes in order to facilitate the uptake and operation of innovations.

Luis Felipe de Oliveira

Director General ACI World

Thomas Reynaert

Managing Director A4E (Airlines for Europe)

John Holland-Kaye

CEO, Heathrow Airport

Riccardo Lambiris

Chairman of the BoD Athens International Airport

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