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Harry Theocharis receives the 2022 Hermes Award

During the 2022 Air Transport Awards on Thursday 10 February held in Ekali, Greece, Harry Theocharis received the 2022 Hermes Award for his contribution to air transport.

H.E. Harry Theoharis, former minister of Tourism of the Hellenic Republic said accepting the 2022 Hermes Award: “I am proud for the success of Greek tourism throughout the difficult period of the pandemic. It has been outcome of a collective effort by the private and public sectors, that was enhanced by modern and aesthetic advertising tourism campaigns. Solid foundations have been laid and the prospects of the Greek tourism’s future are highly positive for the benefit of the industry and our people”.

2022-02-13T04:22:36+03:00 February 10th, 2022|News & Announcements|