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Hermes Director General presents Hermes recommendations at the Virtual ICAO ATRP informal meeting on Air Carrier Ownership and Control

In the last ICAO Assembly, there was a decision “requesting the Council to address the remaining issues of concern to be able to make progress towards a Convention on Foreign Investment in Airlines, which aims to liberalize air carrier ownership and control on a multilateral basis in line with the ICAO Long-term Vision for International Air Transport Liberalization” (Resolution A40-9 Appendix A section II (6) refers).  The Council through its Air Transport Committee (ATC) has given this task to the Air Transport Regulation Panel (ATRP).

ATRP organised a virtual informal interactive seminar of the Panel on 18 November 2020. The primary objective of the virtual meeting was for the members of the Panel to be better informed of some of the key issues of Air Carriers’ ownership and control, in preparation for the formal Panel meeting in year 2021.

Dr Kostas Iatrou, Director General of Hermes – Air Transport Organisation presented the recommendations of Hermes on ownership and control in airlines at the Session 4 – “Liberalization of Airline Ownership and Control: Addressing Social and Labour Concerns”.

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