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In 2004 Dr Kostas Iatrou founded Hellenic Aviation Society. His dream has always been to establish an international organisation whose members should be the decision makers of the air transport industry.

Dr Iatrou successfully launched in 2006 ATN – Air Transport News, one of the key B2B media in commercial aviation. The success of this medium has allowed him to interact and network with the decision makers of the air transport and to participate in the key events of the industry.

In 2012 Dr Iatrou shared his idea of establishing Hermes, which was initially established as a networking club  owned by ATN – Air Transport News. 

The advisory committee brought together to develop the project were:

Vijay Poonoosamy (the first President and honorary member), Robert Deillon (Vice President), Dr Elijah Chingosho, Dr Pierre Coutu, Mohamed Elamiri, Mauro Oretti, Ioanna Papadopoulou, Dr Andreas Papatheodorou and Ulrich Schulte-Strathaus. 

After a series of meetings the committee agreed on and signed the Memorandum and Articles of Hermes Air Transport Club.

On 14 March 2013 Hermes was founded in Montreal in a small ceremony held at Hilton Bonaventure.

On Saturday 6 December 2014 Hermes hosted in ICAO Headquarters, Montreal, the Centennial Awards and presented the book “100 Years of Commercial Aviation” in partnership with ICAO, ACI, CANSO and IATA. In the same event , Raymond Benjamin, Secretary General of ICAO became the first Honorary Member of Hermes.

In June 2016 , Hermes hosted its first reception at the IATA AGM in Dublin. In October of the same year Hermes hosted a reception in ICAO Triennial Assembly during which Dr Benard Olumuyiwa Aliu, President of ICAO Council became Hermes’s Second Honorary Member.  

In the summer of 2017 Hermes Board took the landmark decision to transform Hermes from a Club to a non for profit organisation that will be based in Montreal, Canada, the aviation capital of the world. 

At the beginning of 2018, Hermes Board resolved to  actively contribute to air transport by launching its annual recommendations on key aviation issues.

On 2nd March 2017, the first Hermes Leaders Forum took place in Ekali with the theme being Ownership and control in Aviation.

On 11 July 2018 Hermes officially becomes a non for profit organisation.

On 23 July 2018 AACO and Hermes sign a Partnership Exchange Memorandum of Understanding.

On 1st November 2018 the European Regions Airline Association signed with Hermes a reciprocal membership agreement.

With the objective of continuing strengthening partnerships within the aviation industry, the Latin American and Caribbean Air Transport Association (ALTA) and Hermes Air Transport Organisation signed On 22nd January 2019 a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU).

On 3rd May 2019, Hermes AGM & Leaders Forum took place in Ekali with the theme  being Education and Performance in Aviation.  During the Forum the participants had the opportunity to see and listen to Mozart’s Costa Violin. Vijay Poonoosamy became the Third Honorary Member after his decision not to renew his term as President. Jeff Poole was unanimously named President of Hermes AGM. 

The African Airlines Association and Hermes – Air Transport Organisation, have signed on 3rd June 2019 a MoU to deepen their cooperation.

On 27 June 2019 Hermes was invited to participate as observer to the 40th ICAO Assembly Hermes, and submitted two information papers. 

HERMES – Air Transport Organisation and EUROCONTROL singed a Memorandum of Understanding on 24th September 2019.

On 26 October 2019 IATA and Hermes signed a Memorandum of Understanding to deepen their cooperation.